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Images from our food service at The Hope Centre January 2020

Here you can see the fantastic industrial kitchen and café we have use of at in The Hope Centre.

Our food service is only available to those who are genuinely homeless and of `no fixed abode`. This means they are sleeping rough on the streets or sofa-surfing wherever they can. The people we are helping do not have access to benefits and do not live in Oasis House, one of Northampton`s homeless shelters.

During each food service, we currently are able to provide:

- hot drinks (tea, coffee)

- cold drinks (dilute juice)

- ham and cheese rolls

- pot noodle

- pot porridge

- cakes

We also provide a take-out bag with items which are designed to be useful to the Homeless guests once they have to leave the Hope Centre and return to the streets at 8pm. This kraft paper bag contains items such as socks, gloves, hats, handwarmers, biscuits, dried fruit, fresh fruit (when available) and a carton of fruit juice.

Your kind donations and support through the `Silly Socks Day` help to make this happen.

Thank you.



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  • When is the next food service taking place?

    Published 02/02/20

    The above image is of the cafe in the Hope Centre.


    We meet at the secure Hope Centre car park at 5.30pm, set up and then serve food etc from 6-7pm then tidy up and leave by around 7.30pm.

    The food service days are all on a Thursday evening on the following dates:

    - 6.2.2020

    - 20.2.2020

    - 5.3.2020

    - 19.3.2020

    - 26.3.2020

    Additional dates after Easter will depend on the Hope Centre receiving the funding to remain open in the evenings.

    If the Hope Centre is not able to accommodate us after Easter, we will return our project onto Abingdon Street in Northampton where were first started.

    You are more than welcome to come and help. However, no children are allowed into the Hope Centre and any helpers must be over 18 years old.

    Please let Mr Hawkes or Mrs Hobbs know if you are interested in offering support. Thank you.


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