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School Links

Working as the School/Parish Link is exactly as it sounds - a link between Our Lady's School and Our Lady's Parish in Wellingborough. It is very important that there are strong links between home and school and parish to ensure the best opportunities are available for the children.

The children are taught how the Catholic Church is made up of people - not the church buildings. It is us who make the Church strong and this is one of the reasons children are encouraged to attend Mass whenever possible - not only on Sundays, but also on Tuesday lunchtimes, if they so wish.

Tuesday Lunchtime Mass gives children the opportunity to participate in the Mass through reading and Altar Serving, as well as presenting the Offertory gifts. It helps the children to grow in their understanding of what Mass means to them - whether they are children who were baptised as babies or have yet to be baptised, or who practise another faith - everyone is welcomed by Father Paul.

Prayer is very important in our School, in particular, special prayers of the Church such as The Rosary and The Stations of the Cross. The children learn about prayer in many ways. My particular contribution is to engage the children through Art and Crafts and to create displays for the hall at certain times of the year.

The children can either share their Prayer Intentions with the whole school during Assembly or, if they would rather just keep them private, can fill in a prayer envelope, which is then put into a larger envelope on our Prayer Board and taken over to St Edmund's periodically to be included in the Bidding Prayers.

Every child is unique and special - we all know that - but a child can never be told often enough how much they matter to the important people in their lives and to God. We have a display in our hall made up of the children's fingerprints, to remind them how unique and special they really are.

Helping others less fortunate than ourselves is one of the strengths of our school and the children regularly raise money for CAFOD.

As preparations for this year's First Holy Communion programme are under way, we are planning the best way, through activities and workshops for the children to grow in their understanding of what it really means to make their First Holy Communion - that it is not just one special day, but an invitation to a lifetime of special days when they receive Jesus every Sunday.

Parishioners regularly contact me with queries regarding our school and parents will frequently speak to me with queries about events and things related to the parish. It is a privilege to work with the children through my role as Parish Link - I consider myself lucky to be able to carry out this role. 

Mrs Hobbs