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At Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, we are committed to providing a high standard of education for all children. This education is delivered through engaging and creative experiences, which provide children with the necessary knowledge and skills for each subject and embeds this learning. Teaching and Learning are the central activities of the school and our success is judged against the quality of our children’s knowledge, progress, outcomes and how prepared they are for the next phase and beyond into citizenship.

Every effort is made to ensure a sound grounding in English, Mathematics, Science and Computing in line with the National Curriculum. The curriculum is wide and includes a thematic approach to some class work. Within these themes Technology, History and Geography, Art and Crafts, Music, Drama, PE, MFL, and PHSE are covered in various ways. The curriculum will provide opportunities for children of varying aptitudes and abilities to find fulfilment and enable them to develop emotionally and physically as well as academically.