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Meet the Staff

We have an enthusiastic and dedicated full and part time staff who are committed to the aims of Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School and to enhancing that community relationship. Their aim is to help all children achieve their best work, along with good behaviour and appearance, and to show care and concern for others.

Headteacher: Mr Clive Robinson

Deputy Headteacher: Miss Elise Gribble

SENCO: Mrs Heather O'Neill

Family Support Officer: Miss Aimee Bedford

Family Support Assistant: Mrs Gayle Steventon

Early Years Foundation Stage
Teaching Staff Support Staff
Miss E. Goodman Mrs N. Eaton
Mrs A. Pakenham Mrs C. Hill
  Mrs B. Darko
Key Stage 1
Teaching Staff Support Staff
Mrs T. Guttormsen Miss A. Houghton
Mrs J. Ward Mrs S. Marlow
Mrs J. Thorp Mrs L. Thomas
Miss K. Law Mrs C. Berkshire
Mrs L. Dicken Miss S. Ince
Mrs S. Russell Miss V. Hitchens
Key Stage 2
Teaching Staff Support Staff
Mrs H. Carr Mrs B. Joshi
Mr P. Tarbuck Mrs B. Hobbs
Mrs M. Chapman Mrs I. Dickson
Mrs V. Young Mrs S. Stanton
Mr D. Stretch Mrs S. King
Mr P. Hawkes Mrs T. Hurson
Mrs K. Marston Mrs A. Horne
Mrs S. Connor Mrs L. Alcindor-Gilmour
Miss E. Gribble Mrs N. Sharkey
Mrs J. Speed Mrs J. Hearn
Mrs L.Judge Mrs L. Brown
  Mrs L. Stevens
  Miss A. Lonergan
Office Team Lunchtime Supervisors
Key Stage 1: Key Stage 1:
Mrs H. O'Connor Mrs K. Brown
Mrs Z. Ward Mrs T. Civil
Miss D. Goodyer Mrs R. Mahay
  Mrs S. Savage
Key Stage 2: Mrs S. Yeomans
Mrs Z. Farmer Miss S. Kundratova
Mrs T. Darnell  
  Key Stage 2:
  Mrs L. Williams
  Mrs B. Joshi
  Mrs A. Horne
  Mrs D. Mehta
  Mrs D. Allen
Site Supervisor Site Support
Mr D. Short Mrs R. Dunnett
  Miss D. Jolley
  Mrs. J. Winter
  Mrs S. Eggleton