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Welcome to our wellbeing video series of 'Wellbeing Shorts' 

Our Wellbeing videos are produced each week by Nathan Wells, OLICAT Education and Wellbeing Link, and each one is packed full of tips and ideas to support you and the whole family. 

This week we look at the benefits of the great outdoors: 

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Did you know that social connections help us to live longer?  Having secure connections in life has a positive impact on our mental and physical health.  The social connections that we make not only help us to learn life skills but also serve to shape our personal identity.

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When we choose to notice, we actively bring our attention to the world around us and increase our awareness of others and ourselves.  Paying attention is a deliberate act; it allows us to become aware of our thoughts and feelings as they arise. 

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If we keep on learning as we travel through life, this has been shown to have positive benefits for wellbeing. Not only can learning boost self - confidence, it can also generate a sense of purpose and raise self esteem. Learning something new requires us to take risks and to sometimes (or often) fail. This helps to maintain a growth mindset and keeps us open to possibilities.

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Most of us already know that regular activity helps to prevent major illness such as: stoke, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  Did you also know that, as well as reducing early death by 30%, an active lifestyle also supports good mental health? 

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Giving plays and important role in promoting wellbeing.  Giving involves parting with something and offering it to someone or something beyond ourselves.  However, it is important to recognise, that to be able to give, we need to be in a position to do so.  This is one of the reasons why self- compassion and kindness are important to keep oneself well so that we are better able to serve others. 

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Living in our modern world means that you will have become used to leading a very busy life.  However, to keep yourself healthy and happy, it is really important that you spend some time supporting your wellbeing. 

Our sense of wellbeing is influenced by our thoughts, actions and life experiences. 

It is suggested that there are 7 dimensions of wellbeing which are: social, emotional, intellectual, environmental, physical, occupational and spiritual.

By giving ourselves a little space and time, we can have control over many aspects of these dimensions of wellbeing and can take positive action to make sure that we stay well.  The research suggests that we can attend to these dimensions in five ways; by connecting with others, by staying active, by keeping on learning, by giving to others and by taking notice of ourselves, our world and others.   

How are you today?

Stop and think. 

How are you today?  If you want extra guidance in answering that question, why don’t you press the button below to take the NHS quiz?