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EYFS New Starters - September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you for your patience while we have been finalising the start for your children this September. As the government guidelines have now been published and are available here so we have been able to plan in more detail how we will move forward. We have managed to speak to most of you on the phone and we thank you for your time.

As mentioned, so that your child can get to know us and us get to know them, we are inviting half of each class in at a time. This will be:

Class 1 and Class 2

Thursday 3rd September 2020

Friday 4th September 2020

Bosco and Becket Houses

9.20am start school – 3.00pm

Please book or bring a packed lunch.

Homework will be handed out.

Children to work at home today and bring work to school on Monday.

Campion and Payne Houses

Children to work at home today and bring work to school on Friday. The homework will be on the website from Wednesday 2nd September.

9.20am start school – 3.00pm

Please book or bring a packed lunch.

Homework will be handed in.


Form Monday 7th September - Wednesday 9th September all children to start school at 9.20am.

From Thursday 10th September children A-N to start at 8.40am – 3.10pm

                                                         children O-Z to start at 8.50 am – 3.20pm


If your child is anxious about starting school please contact to arrange part time hours. The guidelines state that parents should not come onto the school site and we appreciate that for some children this will be a challenge. We do have a small outside area where parents can talk to staff before their child enters to help with transition. Together we can work on a plan for those that might be very anxious.


All children will have their own peg, drawer, name card and water bottle (washed daily). These will all be clearly labelled in the same way with your child’s name and a picture. We will send you a copy of this to show your child and ask them on their first day to find their things in school - it will be like a treasure hunt! Please give this to your child when you arrive at school so they can go and get hunting!


If you have any questions or if there is anything you need to tell us please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. This email will be checked regularly over the summer break.


To help your child prepare for school try some of these resources:

Government advice to help children2 to 4 learn at home

BBC starting school resources

PACEY guide to starting school

Encouraging your child to read


If you can come to the school over the holiday and show them where they will be, look at the big playground where they will be able to play with friends.


Above all answer any questions they have in a positive way – we want them to have fun as well as learn! Encourage them to talk to you and us about anything no matter how small, they are important and we want to hear their voice.

We are all looking forward to meeting you in September and hope you have a safe and happy holiday.


The Early Years Team